Racing Equipment

Equipment used in racing is centered on the type of vehicle that is used to race. There are races with cars, trucks, motorcycles, sidecars, and other vehicles that are covered under the racing banner. The only other type of equipment included would be the safety equipment which the driver wears and the equipment used in pit row when the drivers come in for refueling and a change of tires.

The equipment is very important for the racer and his team since it is what will determine the final outcome of the race. At the elite level of racing the majority of drivers are very close in talent therefore the equipment they possess has a great deal to do with how they finish at the end of a race. The racing teams that have large amount of sponsors can sometimes afford to have better equipment and better results in the long run.


Formula One

Formula One is the most recognizable single seat race circuit in the world. Each year there is a World Championship that is determined after a set number of races and is based on a point system for the first ten finishers in each race. There is also a championship for the constructors as well and that also is based on a point system. The single-seater or open wheeled cars of Formula One are some...


Racing Pits

Each race no matter where it is held or what circuit it is being raced on, needs a pit area so the cars enter for refueling, minor adjustments and tire changes. The speed with which the pit team members can do these things is crucial and sometimes make the difference between losing and winning. The pit crew members are all dressed in matching uniforms that are fire retardant and they all have he...



The NASCAR circuit has been racing for over sixty years and is now one of the most popular sports in the United States with races held coast to coast. There are international drivers like Juan Pablo Montoya from Colombia. There are also racers that are in their fifties like Mark Martin. The cars are all held to strict car restrictions and are penalized when they are not adhered to. The Sprint Cu...


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