Formula One

Formula One is the most recognizable single seat race circuit in the world. Each year there is a World Championship that is determined after a set number of races and is based on a point system for the first ten finishers in each race. There is also a championship for the constructors as well and that also is based on a point system. The single-seater or open wheeled cars of Formula One are some of the most sophisticated cars in racing.

The cars have aerofoil wings on both the front and rear in order to create a down force to help with the cars traction. Opened wheeled racing in Europe is commonly known as Formula. There are at least three different Formula levels that are raced. There is no format for the requirements of Formula as there are local Formula races and international formula races. Formula One has had a very popular run lately and is the world's most popular motor sport.

The championship is held all over Europe with stops in such places outside of Europe as Canada, the United States, Malaysia and other countries as well. Many of the world's well-known car brands are represented in Formula One including Mercedes, Honda, Ferrari, Renault and others that sponsor their own cars on the circuit. Formula One races like other open wheel races are started from a standing position where as other races like NASCAR are started from a moving car and directed by a pace car.



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