Racing Pits

Each race no matter where it is held or what circuit it is being raced on, needs a pit area so the cars enter for refueling, minor adjustments and tire changes. The speed with which the pit team members can do these things is crucial and sometimes make the difference between losing and winning.

The pit crew members are all dressed in matching uniforms that are fire retardant and they all have helmets and gloves to fully protect them. Each one has his specific duty as the car comes in for its pit stop. One member does nothing but fill the car with fuel while there are jack men that lift the car and there are others that take off the tires and put them on while even others clean the car's windshield and make adjustments for drag as well as other.

In NASCAR racing the average four tire pit stop should not take any longer than 12 to 14 seconds while a Formula One pit should be even less due to the car be lifted by a hydraulic jack that is done by a touch of a switch. When pits stops are done under the green flag, meaning when there is full racing, then they are even that much more important. Teams train for hours trying to shave tenths of seconds off their pit times in order to get their driver back out on the track as soon as possible in order to no lose track position.



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