Racing Rules and Laws

Auto races are held on a track or closed circuit and are controlled by flags and lights that help drivers know when to slow down, stop, finish the race and start racing again. In a racing venue the green flag means go and that is universal. The other flags used in many different races are red and yellow they too generally mean what color implied in signal lights. The red flags means the cars much stop while the yellow flag announced a caution. Other flags of importance include the White flag which is an announcement there is only one more lap left of the race. The checkered flag is universal in ALL racing and declares the winner of the race.

Black flags are handed out to race car drivers that have a problem with their car or broke a rule in pit road or while on the track. They are required to come into the pits for a time penalty or to stop racing. The Black Flag with a white cross means a driver has not honored the black flag and must pits. Blue flags with yellow stripes mean a faster car is approaching and you need to pull over and yield to them. And the yellow flag with vertical red stripes is used on road courses and warns of slippery conditions or debris on the corners.

Depending upon the type of race whether it be Formula One, NASCAR or any other race there are rules the drivers have to follow while racing. When coming off the track and entering pit road there is a speed limit that needs to be honored. There also is a speed limit for when cars are under a caution and about racing back to the flag for positioning under a yellow flag.

The rules of racing vary from race type to race type and cover from the advertising that is allowed on the outside of cars to the height of the spoilers on the cars to the type of harness a driver must wear while in a race. They all vary and there is no conventional set of racing rules since all the different types of racing are governed by their own governing body.

There are also differences as far as the rules in Europe versus the rules in the United States. Formula One in held in a clockwise direction. All races held in the United States are raced in a counterclockwise direction. Racing like many other sports also had its unwritten rules that all drivers adhere to.


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