Trading Paint when Racing

Trading paint is becoming a common past time on the NASCAR circuit. It is driving so close to your opponent at close to 200mph that you actually scrap each other and trade paint with one another. The question raised here is why anyone would want to get that close to another driver and even bump another driver at such a high rate of speed. The answer is quite simple and that is that racing at the highest level is an aggressive activity and in order to win a driver has to be aggressive and not back down from anything or anyone.

Rubbing or trading paint is the simple art of get up close to the car next to you to give them some of your paint and a bit of friction at the same time. This often times makes the other driver slow down and lets you get a more advantageous position and if not at least it tells the other you are there and do not forget it. It is comparing it to running the mile in a track and letting the runners use their elbows to get around the runs in front of them or fend off the ones behind them.

Of course if this is done too often or too deliberately then officials can say that it was an infraction and could cause a penalty, fine or suspension. But it has become a common part of racing and if the two drivers involved keep their heads and wits about them then it is all fair and part of the game.



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