Bump and Run when Racing

There are a number of things that drivers can do to overtake the driver in front of them and one such move is the bump and run. The bump and run is nothing more that bumping into the car in front of you and while they take the time to get their thoughts straightened out and slow down a bit, you can drive right past them. The act of doing this is still quite controversial on the NASCAR circuit where it is most commonly done.

There are a number of veteran drivers that have asked for it to be outlawed by the NASCAR governing body but to date it has fallen upon deaf ears. There are no bump zones that have been instituted. Part of the problem drivers have with the bump and run is the damage it does to the car and therefore causing some aerodynamic problems for later on in the race.

Since each driver can customize the car like they want it is hard to see what will happen to it until it gets hit. Since this act is becoming more and more unpopular it will not be too long before the outlaw it. The problem is being able to determine if it was intentional or not. Going down the track at 200 miles an hour can cause some amount of instability and track officials would have a hard time determining intent on the drive that made the bump and run.



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